We schedule high-quality webinars and deliver international students to your one-hour, online presentation at a date and time that works for you.

This convenient recruiting solution gives institutions the opportunity to connect with engaged students from pre-selected markets, sharing information about campuses, programs, entry requirements and other key points, all without leaving campus.

23 years of experience

FPP EDU Media is one of the largest international student recruitment companies in the world with more than 23 years of experience in the industry.

1.9 million+ students

Included in the price of every webinar is integration with FPP's student facing platform, our social network developed for international education featuring more than 1.9 million student users.

Boost brand awareness

Featuring an institution's webinar on FPP's student channels gives a school valuable exposure to students who are looking to study abroad, raises brand awareness for an institution in the regions selected and adds students who attend a webinar to an institution's network.

Social media exposure

A school's webinar is publicized on TheStudentWorld's Facebook and Instagram pages (which currently has more than 2.1 million followers). Also the wbinar recording will be feature in TheStudentWorld's YouTube Channel

How it works:

  • Choose the date you would like to hold the webinar and let us know at least 1 month in advance.
  • We will advertise the event through various online media channels, including a section of our website which is dedicated to webinars.
  • Through the registration process, students are screened according to actual intent and means to study abroad, bringing you high quality students.
  • FPP staff will run your webinar. You will have full support before, during and after your webinar presentation.
  • The webinar is recorded and posted on our student facing platform to give students that missed the webinar a chance to see it.
  • Receive the contact details of each student that registers for your webinar, as well as the results of any poles and questions, to enable you to effectively follow up with your new leads.

Webinar prices:

  • Latin America

    $ 3750 USD

    Excluding Brazil

    Average student registration: 600
  • Brazil

    $ 3750 USD

    Average student registration: 500
  • Europe

    $ 3750 USD

    Average student registration: 100
  • South East Asia

    $ 3250 USD

    Average student registration: 200
  • India

    $ 3250 USD

    Average student registration: 300
  • UK

    $ 3750 USD

    Average student registration: 45

Easy. Convenient. Targeted.

At a webinar all eyes will be on you. You'll present to targeted students from countries of your choosing at a time and date that works for you. With no travel required & no competition faced, webinars with FPP are an ideal solution to boost your international applications.

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