FPP Virtual Fair Platform Features

FPP's unique Virtual Fair platform has been specifically designed to replicate all the features that exhibitors enjoy at our in-person events, but online.

By way of a Virtual EXPO, you're able to engage the digital generation’s 21st century student, from the largest cities and the smallest towns without leaving the office.

Not only can you access your successful and proven markets, but you can trial your institution in new non-traditional markets, without the financial risk and investment of time usually required.

Whether an institution has experienced the quality and results of FPP’s in-person EDUEXPOS, or not yet recruited at our fairs, a Virtual EXPO provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with students considering studying abroad. And since students are usually accessing the Virtual EXPO from home, there’s increased parental involvement too!

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Here are the six main features. Find the full list of Virtual EXPO capabilities below.


Customizable Booths

Build and decorate your booth, much like you would build a physical booth at an in-person fair. Choose from several different booth templates and customize it by adding banners and posters, and uploading your brochures, photos, videos, campus information and program details.

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Share Information See enlarged image

Share Information

Students search by country and program type, and/or by entering education-sector-specific pavilions. Over several hours, they enter different institution's booth, view brochures, videos, photos and other information. They can even save these materials by adding them to their virtual “backpack”, to refer to at their leisure once the EXPO is over.

Connect with Students See enlarged image

Connect with Students

Chat with prospective students in real time via one-on-one text chats and video chats. Institutions may have up to four representatives present, including recruiters, admission staff, alumni and professors, to cover a variety of knowledge areas and/or student languages.

Immediate Follow-up See enlarged image

Immediate Follow-up

Immediately after the EXPO, exhibitors have access to the complete profile and contact details of every student that they interacted with, or offered materials to. Likewise students can access exhibitor’s EduFindMe account, long-after the fair has finished.

Ongoing Promotion See enlarged image

Ongoing Promotion

Following the live event, the Virtual EXPO will remain open for a further two weeks. During this time, students can access your online booth, download brochures, watch videos, review your profile, and contact you for further details. The contact details of these students are also added to your growing list of leads after the fair has finished.


Real-Time Analytics

During the Virtual EXPO, a wealth of information displaying your booth's activity is available. Oversee your staff's live and incoming chats, and review in-depth statistics on student visitors (average age, nationalities, programs of interest)

Want to know how many times and by whom your videos and brochures have been favorited - that's available too. And at any time, click on a student to view their profile, and invite them to chat.

Real-Time Analytics

All the features you need for a successful online recruitment experience:

Before the Virtual EXPO

  • Design a virtual booth that matches and enhances your brand
  • Decorate your booth with banners and posters
  • Upload an unlimited number of brochures and videos
  • Select the student nationalities you don’t want to appear visible to
  • Provide access to an unlimited number of colleagues to engage in student chats
  • Be prepared via a pre-fair webinar explaining every feature in-detail

During the Virtual EXPO

  • Be matched and found by students according to your programs/location, and their interests
  • View detailed profiles of all students visiting your booth
  • Use the private chat function to have one-on-one chats with students at your booth
  • Once text-chatting with a student, invite that student to a video chat
  • Have interested students view your promotional videos and marketing materials
  • Have interested students download your brochures, adding them to their virtual ‘backpack’
  • Raise your hand to receive real-time support from the FPP Team at any time

After the Virtual EXPO

  • Check accumulative statistics of students that have visited your booth
  • Receive contact details of students that have interacted with you or downloaded your materials
  • Follow-up with students using FPP’s CRM and/or download all student leads into CSV
  • Review your conversation transcripts – both public and private

Each of FPP’s online recruitment solutions is supported by an easy-to-use built-in CRM to manage and communicate with all student leads. Dedicated and knowledgeable staff are always on-hand to attend to any questions, and help you to maximize your online reach and appeal.