Hosting 3,900 booths

Across 25 countries in 2019

Over 95 student fairs visited by 134,000 pre-screened students

The world’s largest student fair organizer

Student Fairs

FPP's student recruitment fairs are regarded as the leading fairs in the industry as they deliver:

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fpp edu media quality students

Quality Students

We pre-screen students, focusing on registering students who have the means, resources and intention to study abroad, to attend our Student Fairs.

fpp edu media quality students
fpp edu media smart technology

Smart Technology

Our innovative scanning technology through the FPP App enables exhibiting institutions to instantly collect student contact information and profiles, as well as save notes.

fpp edu media smart technology
fpp edu media more enrollments

More Enrollments

The combination of quality, pre-screened students and smart technology that enables exhibitors to easily and quickly connect with students boosts fair results.

fpp edu media more enrollments

The Intelligence Behind Our Student Fairs

Students wishing to attend an FPP Student Fair anywhere in the world are required to register online. FPP uses a unique algorithm to filter these registrations and determine each student’s means, resources and intentions to study abroad. Typically, between 40% to 50% of registering students demonstrate the profile required, and are accepted to attend.

In 2019, we received a total of 438,627 online student registrations, from which 229,973 students were accepted, with 134,037 pre- screened students attending our international Student Fairs.

FPP’s mobile App enables exhibiting institutions to scan student badges at their booths and collect comprehensive data for immediate follow-up. Your FPP Hub account holds your scanned student’s profiles and contact details from all FPP events attended. The App also provides access to event logistical information and fair statistics.

All exhibiting institutions benefit from pre- and post-event cross-promotion with a free profile on - FPP’s student-facing website accessed by over 1.9 million registered students. Social media campaigns in the lead- up to each event also drive further student traffic to these profiles.

Before, during and after your FPP Student Fair experience, institutions receive unrivalled customer service, to ensure they’re fully prepared, and make the most of their participation.

FPP Student Fairs boasts the highest return rate in the international student fair industry, with 81% of exhibitors returning.






Latin America


Middle East

UK & Ireland

Government Events

Over the last several years, FPP EDU Media has been selected by various governments as the organizer of their official student fairs and recruitment events.

Canadian Government

FPP has been involved in organizing EduCanada Fairs, Pavilions and Virtual Fairs since 2013 collaborating with Canadian Missions around the world. Countries include, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya. By the end of 2019 FPP will have organized over 100 EduCanada Fairs and Pavilions.

New Zealand Government

The New Zealand Government (Education New Zealand - ENZ) has partnered with FPP from 2014 to 2018 to organise the Study in New Zealand Fairs in Latin America. ENZ has also held their official pavilions inside FPP's Student Fairs in Brazil and Colombia. In 2017, ENZ expanded the partnership to FPP's Asia and India Fairs.

Australian Government

Since 2016 Austrade has supported Study in Austalia pavilions at FPP Student Fairs throughout Latin America including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico. In 2020 the pavilions were supplemented with Study in Australia exclusive fairs supported by Austrade in Brazil and Mexico


The following International Organisations have attended FPP Student Fairs.