FPP’s networking events - known as ‘Huddles’ - are unique events, connecting international university representatives with local high school career advisers and counselors.

Taking place around FPP’s Student Fairs and/or High School Tours in the same city or region, the Huddles are a proven way to build and maintain relationships with career advisers and counselors from leading high schools.

All FPP Huddles involve a market intelligence seminar program, informal networking opportunities, and the all-important one-to-one university representatives : career adviser meetings.

The seminar program is held over two-streams– one for university representatives, and one for career advisers and counselors. The university stream consists of seminars discussing the education system of the host country, and recruitment opportunities and best practices, considering trends, statistics and marketing channels. The counselor stream – delivered by government bodies and speakers from the careers profession – help advisers learn about the offerings, the processes and the reasons why their students should consider studying abroad.

Networking opportunities for university representatives and advisers are provided through a range of welcome breakfasts, refreshment breaks, lunches, and drinks receptions.

Often regarded as the highlight of the Huddles, university representatives meet one-on-one with career advisers and counselors from high schools in a speed-dating-type format. These meetings are arranged in advance using an online scheduling system, giving Huddle participants full control over whom they meet with. Participants should have a full schedule of appointments with relevant contacts in advance of the event, but can schedule additional appointments face-to-face during the numerous refreshment breaks throughout the day.

If you’re interested in networking with career advisers and counselors that have a significant impact on their student’s intentions to study overseas, the Huddles provide the perfect opportunity to do just that.


Location Date Early Bird Rate Standard Rate
Sao Paulo, Brazil * September 24, 2018 USD 1,275 USD 1,500 REGISTER COMPLETE DETAILS (PDF)
London, UK ** March 22, 2019 GBP 750 GBP 875 DETAILS COMING SOON
Brazil Huddle Early Bird Rate expires June 30
UK Huddle Early Bird Rate expires December 31

* The Brazil Huddle is included in the all-inclusive price of the Brazil High School Tours, September 24 - 28, 2018.
** The UK Huddle is FREE if attending both UK High School Tours, or one UK High School Tour and the London Student Fair in March 2019. Participation in the UK Huddle is not open to institutions that are not participating in a UK High School Tour or the London Fair.

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